Berlin Open 2022

You will find pictures and videos of the Berlin Open 2022 now on Facebook and Instagram. Later we will add a gallery here on our homepage

On site

The check-in process this year is the same as the year before:
In principle check-in is possible at any time.
Right before the start of the qualification group, however, the athletes participating in this session will have priority over other visitors to ensure a seamless competition!
We ask all participants and visitors to include the entire check-in process in their time planning!

Session 1

Friday, from 12:00

Session 2

Friday, from 13:30

Session 3

Friday, from 16:30

Session 4

Friday, from 19:00 until 20:00

Free training on the competition field is possible on Friday in the time from 10:30 - 12:00.

During the qualification sessions training is possible for a fee of 5€. The number of training slots is limited to 28 shooters. Please pick up your target face at our store booth in the foyer.