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Competition classes

The following divisions will be given:

  • Recurve:
    Men, Women
  • Compound:
    Men, Women
  • Para:
    Para Recurve Open, Para Compound Open, Para V1/V2/V3

Glass Tower Challenge

The Glass Tower Challenge is all about getting to know the other participants and having fun.

Shooting takes place in randomly drawn teams across all bow classes and starting groups (mixed teams). Shooting takes place on a specially designed target and a winning team is determined in "last-team-standing" mode.


Version 1.0 (01.12.23)


All shooters who are on the starting list in the current edition of the Berlin Open are eligible to participate.


Drawing of the teams

A team consists of three team members.

Before the challenge begins, the team members are drawn at random. Each participant draws a ticket from a lottery pot, which is placed on the competition field at the start. Each lot has a target number on it. The team drawn in this way can then come together on the target.

A limited number of teams will start first. Once three team members have been drawn for all available targets, new targets are opened in steps of five.



Shooting is in "last team standing" mode. All teams that have shot the lowest number of rings per pass are eliminated.

In addition, all teams in which at least one arrow has hit the television tower outside the marked area of the target are eliminated.

Marking is counted in favor of the team.


Practise in is primarily used for coordination within the team. There are two ends of prectise. As many arrows as possible may be shot. One pass has a duration of 90 seconds.


One end lasts 90 seconds.


Each team member shoots one arrow per end.

Only one arrow may be shot per target.

Arrows may be shot in any order.
The entire team may stand on the shooting line at the same time as long as they do not leave the marked area of their own target and ensure that neighboring teams are not impaired in their shooting process.

There are no guidelines to follow when switching between individual team members on the shooting line.


The team's total ring count is displayed on the scoreboards after each end.

A hit in the yellow-marked area results in a 9 (outer ring) or a 10 (inner ring).
A hit in the background (blue area) results in a score of 6 rings.

A hit in the area of the tower outside the yellow marking results in the immediate elimination of the team after the current end.

Beispielhafte Darstellung der Verwendeten Auflage. Linien zeigen zu verschiedenen Bereichen auf der Auflage und sind mit den Punktewerten dieser Bereiche beschriftet. Eine Erläuterung der Wertung befindet sich im vorherigen Absatz.

Tie / Elimination

As soon as the last 4 teams are left, the final begins.
If no winning team can be determined in the first two ends, the normal target faces are exchanged for a special final target face. The entire team shoots one arrow at a time on the new target until all other teams have been eliminated and the winning team has been determined.


All participants of the winning team will receive a non-cash prize and have the opportunity to choose something from the official merch stand of the organizer.